Georgie Taylor (2011-13)

Originally I applied to Winchester University to undertake the Initial Teacher Training degree, but at the last moment I switched to Education Studies; little did I know that this was the best decision I had ever made and I have never looked back.

I struggled at school and never really felt that I could achieve academically, let alone go to university, but Education Studies opened up a whole new world of learning for me.  This was the first time that I had felt in control of my own learning and education by being able to examine the world around me more deeply.

My plan after completing the degree was to go on and do a PGCE; however after a year out of studying I felt that I still had so much to learn about life and found out about the opportunity to embark on the new MA in Modern Liberal Arts.

One of the main reasons the course appealed so much to me was that I could study in my own time and, to a degree, at my own pace; the one to one tuition makes this possible.  This was a brilliant opportunity as I could fit my studying around my work and family commitments. Without being able to study in this way I probably could never have continued with my learning.

Another reason I chose the MA in Modern Liberal Arts is that I am able to choose the areas that I want to study. All of the tutors have a broad range of expertise, meaning that I have been able to experience considerable breadth of study. For example, I have explored Socrates, Plato and Seneca from the ancient world, and more recently I have studied aspects of Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche. In a future module I want to look at the Holocaust. I am aware that I have taken huge steps forward from my time as an undergraduate.  I am still undecided about my dissertation;, there are so many different areas that I would like to study.

I think that what this MA has given me is the confidence to tackle some difficult and fundamental arguments that I never could have worked through on my own.  For me the MA in Modern Liberal Arts  is so much more than a certificate at the end of a course. It has allowed me to explore myself and I feel more confident as a result  I have found a new passion for learning and this MA has enabled me to challenge myself giving me the opportunity, finally, to feel a freedom within the education system. Right now, I still do not feel ready for teaching, there is so much more of the world that I want to explore and to learn about.