Teaching and Learning

Not research, but the relationship between the teacher and student was the definitive symbol of the very earliest universities in Europe. We still hold to this belief. The MA Modern Liberal Arts, because of the central part played by tutor support, requires strong relationships between tutors and students. We want to push students, even beyond their own expectations of themselves as thinkers and writers, but we do not intend to leave them to struggle on their own. We do not plunge the students into a sink or swim approach.

Even though the programme does not have the traditional taught modules, we still recognise that teaching and learning constitute the substance of higher education. We know that strong teacher/student relationships are the key to motivation, enjoyment and success, and to feeling valued as an individual within educational institutions. We will work hard to establish and maintain these relationships so that students learn in a friendly, challenging and supportive environment. We hold such educational relationships to be the cornerstone of everything we do. Students will experience learning in a number of different ways, including listening and talking to tutors and peers, independent research from books, journals, the web, from quiet reflection and questioning, and from the thinking and preparation required for the successful completion of assignments.


Philosophy of the Teacher