Year 2

(not all modules will be available in any one year)


Level 5


LA 2001A Freedom is to learn 3

LA 2019 Freedom is to Learn 4

LA 2017 Creator Images

LA 2004 Disciplining the Soul

LA 2005 Music and Philosophy

LA 2006 Aesthetics

LA 2007 Utopia and Tragedy

LA 2018 Theorising the Holocaust (Shoah)

LA 2009 Independent Study

LA 2010 Theorising Education and Ecology

LA 2011 Power of the Teacher

LA 2012 Spirit: In Ruins

LA 2013 Atomic Nature

LA 2014 First Principles: core texts

LA 2016 Athens and Jerusalem

LA 2020 Values and Modern Ethics

LA 2999 Volunteering